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Front Line Demonstrations (FLD)

The main objective of FLD is to demonstrate newly released varieties, crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers field. These are conducted in a block of five hectare of land in each crop in order to have a better impact of the demonstrated technologies among farming community.
Year : 2012-2013
  Title of FLD
1 Integrated crop management in Maize
2 Borers and Leaf folder management in Paddy
3 Integrated crop management  in Sorghum
4 Integrated crop management  in Cumbu
5 ICM in groundnut with seed production (GPBD 4)
6 Integrated crop management in Redgram with seed production technique
7 Management of YMV in Blackgram with seed production
8 Sucking pest management in Bt Cotton
9 Management of micro nutritional disorder in Acidlime
10 Integrated crop management  in multiplier Onion
11 Integrated Pest Management in tapioca
12 Improved practices in bottle gourd cultivation
13 Cost effective dairy farming
14 Integrated Farming System
Year : 2013-2014
1 Demonstration of CoH(M)-6 maize with ICM for rainfed condition
2 Integrated Crop Management in Castor
3 Integrated Crop Management in Sesame*
4 Integrated Crop Management in Sunflower
5 Integrated Crop Management  in Tomato
6 Demonstration on  Pusa Hydrogel for Soil Moisture Conservation in rainfed Cotton
7 Integrated Crop Management in ELS Cotton hybrid
6 Demonstration on Groundnut variety Co 6 
6 Integrated Farming system
  Year : 2014-2015
1 Demonstration of CoR H4 under irrigated condition
2 Integrated Pest Management in Maize (Twinwheel hoe has been included)*
3 Integrated pest Management in Tuberose
4 Yield enhancement in Lean Season Jasmine
5 ICM in Turmeric variety Co 2 (IDM inTurmeric has been included)
6 Demonstration on feeding GrandSupplement in cross breed dairy cows
7 Management of Post Partum Anestrus using
Ovosynchronization protocol supplement
with area specific mineral mixture in breed
dairy cows
8 Urea treated maize stover as enriched dry
fodder for cross breed dairy cows (included
as insisted)*
9 Demonstration of oral pellet vaccine against
Ranikhet disease in Desibrids
10 Demonstration of composite fish culture withstunted fingerlings in farm pond
Year : 2015-2016
  Title of FLD

Yield  enhancement in Banana through efficient input management


Demonstration  on Integrated Disease Management in Banana


IPM practices for redpalm weevil and rhinoceros beetle in Coconut


Rapid  multiplication technique in Turmeric


Integrated  disease management in Onion


Demonstration on Bengalgram variety Co 4


Demonstration  on multi cut coriander variety - Arka isha


Demonstration on Groundnut variety TMVGn13


Integrated pest management for spodoptera litura in Cotton


Demonstration onfodder sorghum (co fs 31) production for dairy farmers


Demonstration  on packages of ethno veterinary medicines in ruminants


Demonstration on Greengram variety Co 8


Demonstration on Kodomillet  variety Co 3


Demonstration  on Lablab variety CoGB14


Packages  and practices of calf management up to one year


Demonstration  on TKM 13 paddy variety and seed production


Demonstration  on cumbu napier hybrid grass – co (cn) 5 production for small and marginal dairy farmers


Demonstration on cowpea variety Co(Cp)7


Value  addition in millets for EDP


Demonstration  on nutrition garden 

Year : 2016-2017

Demonstration on Paddy variety Co 51


Demonstration on Sorghum variety K12


Demonstration of Bhendi hybrid Co4


AESA based Integrated Pest Management in Brinjal


Demonstration on Yield Enhancement techniques  in Turmeric


Demonstration on Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Acidlime


Integrated Pest Management in Sugarcane


Demonstration on fodder bank for livestock


Demonstration on improvement profitability in low yielding cross breeding dairy cows


Disease management in Goat


Promotion on value added products from Maize,Ragi and Onion (EDP)

Year : 2017-2018(Approved in Action Plan 17-`8)
1 Demonstration on Paddy variety TKM13
2 Demonstration on Pearl Millet variety Co 10
3 Demonstration on Ragi variety Co 15
4 Ratoon crop management with gap filling crop management practices
5 Demonstration of Chilli hybrid CoChH1
With ICM practices
6 Demonstration of hybrid CoSgH 1 with micronutrients and pest management
7 ICM in onion
8 Demonstraiton of INM with mite management technologies
9 ICM in redgram
10 IPM in maize
11 IPM in cotton
12 Integrated pest and disease management in brinjal
13 Linkages between sanitation, health and nutrition
14 Flavoured Paneer production (Mint, Coriander and cumin)
Year : 2018-19
1. Demonstration on high yielding Paddy variety MGR 100  (Rs.16820)
2 Demonstration on multiple disease resistant Maize hybrid CoHM6   Source:TNAU, 2012 (Kharif 2018) (Rs.31400)
3 Demonstration on INM in Sugarcane Source:TNAU, 2012 (Rabi 2018) (Rs.22000)
4 Demonstration on seed propagation technique in Small Onion to reduce the production cost. Source:IIHR-2010, NBAIR-2015 (Rs.31800)
5 Productivity enhancement in Turmeric through novel techniques Source:TNAU-2011, IISR- 2014 (Rs.23500)
6 Productivity enhancement in Tapioca through high yielding variety YTP 1 Source:TNAU, 2013 (Rs.24100)
7 Demonstration on ecofriendly approach in pest and disease management in Coleus cultivation.  Source:TNAU,2013 (Rs.15500)
8 Demonstration on Integrated pest and disease management  practices in chilli Source:TNAU,2013 (Rs.36150)
9 Demonstration on suitable pest management practices to improve the yield and environmental safety in paddy cultivation. Source : TNAU,2013 (Rs.17300)
10 Demonstration on sustainable pest management for cotton production Source :DPPQS,2014 (Rs.36560)
11 Demonstration on Sorghum variety K12  Source :TNAU,2015 (Rs.11500)
12 Demonstration on Pearl Millet variety Co 10   Source : AICPMIP, TNAU,2016 (Rs.9000)
13 Demonstration on ready to eat products from traditional rice variety Mappillai samba Source : IIFPT 2013 (Rs.5500)
14 Demonstration on Small Onion flakes by using Solar dryer (Rs.6000)

Screening of sub clinical mastitis and its therapeutic management in high yielding dairy cows (Rs.13500)

Demonstration on estrus synchronization in Goat (Rs.14000)

Demonstration of fodder bank for livestock Source : TNAU, 2010 (Rs.22500)